To the Editor:

Rep. Steve Elkins claims to represent the people of House District 49B, when in reality he needs only to report to his DFL party bosses. When the businesses in our community were being shut down left and right, Elkins did not come to their rescue.

When Gov. Walz shut down our churches, cancelled Thanksgiving, and threatened to throw members of our community in jail, Steve Elkins praised Walz for keeping us safe. Gov. Walz does not deserve our praise; he deserves our condemnation.

The governor failed to protect elderly residents in long-term care facilities. Horrendously, this accounts for nearly half of all the COVID deaths in Minnesota.

That’s why I am pleading with all members of the Minnesota House to sign on to Articles of Impeachment against Gov. Walz. If he can get away with complete and total control of our state government, future governors will feel empowered to do the same or worse!

If you agree, then contact Rep. Elkins at 651-296-7803 and tell him to stand up for our community!

Al Bliss


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