To the Editor:

Of the many talented candidates for St. Louis Park School Board, my votes will go to these four candidates: Ken Morrison, Laura McClendon, Heather Wilsey and C. Colin Cox.

Ken is an incumbent who is insightful, caring and brings a perspective that helps the school board do a better job. He is the father of two Park grads and a current St. Louis Park High School student. Laura is a 1998 Park grad, 30-year resident of St. Louis Park, has a master’s in chemical and life science and is a middle school science teacher in another district. Laura will help enhance rigorous, inclusive 21st-century education for all our students. Heather Wilsey has a Master of Education degree, teaches elementary students in another district, is the mother of two St. Louis Park students, served in the Peace Corps and has a deep understanding of equity work to bring to the school board. C. Colin Cox has served the district as co-chair of the Vote Yes Committee and as a member of the Learning Design Team for our facility updates. His son attended Aquila and is currently a St. Louis Park Middle School student. I invite your thoughtful consideration of these candidates as you cast your vote Tuesday, Nov. 5. The top four vote-getters will be elected to the St. Louis Park School Board.

Nancy Gores

St. Louis Park

Nancy Gores is chair of the St. Louis Park School Board. She is not running for re-election. Also writing on behalf of Cox was Amanda Munoz, of St. Louis Park. Also writing on behalf of McClendon was Anthony Steward, a 2017 St. Louis Park High School graduate.

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