To the Editor:

Five hundred and 10 hours. A recent issue of the Sun Sailor informs me that St. Louis Park City Manager Tom Harmening, in addition to a rather princely salary of $184,500, receives no less than 510 hours (nearly 13 weeks) of paid time off per year.

I was unaware that public service at the municipal level could be so lucrative and comfortable. The title of city manager is certainly very important-sounding, but the fact that the city hums along for the three months he is allowed to be absent – the garbage is still collected, the first responders are still working, the snow is still plowed – proves ipso facto that the position must be mainly ceremonial in nature.

I blame my college professors, and my parents, for misleading me in my career path. If the city of St. Louis Park wants to save a little money on personnel, I am fully prepared to dedicate myself to a life of service at the public trough. I will settle for half of Mr. Harmening’s salary and a paltry two-and-a-half months of paid vacation per year. I dedicate my proposal to the good people of St. Louis Park.

Anders Wahlberg

St. Louis Park

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