To the Editor:

This election, Ward 3 voters will put ranked-choice voting to work! There are three good candidates vying for the Ward 3 seat, and I urge you to make Sue Budd your top choice.

I do this for three reasons. First, Sue is right on the issues that impact Ward 3 and has a long history of consistently standing with the council when taking on issues supporting affordable housing and racial equity, to name just two. Second, Sue has the collaborative approach that folks in Ward 3 expect, lifting up our shared values especially when we have differences because in the end most of us want pretty similar things – vibrant neighborhoods, good schools and safe streets. Finally, Sue’s about you. She ensures that your voice is front and center by putting you first, which leads to trust, and trust is something we all need more of these days. Is everyone always going to agree on every issue? Of course not, but I’ve been proud to represent Ward 3 for the past six years as your mayor, and I’m confident you will benefit from Sue’s leadership and commitment to make sure you voices are heard in City Hall. I ask you to vote for Sue Budd as your first choice in Ward 3 this fall.

Jake Spano

St. Louis Park

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