To the Editor:

Gun violence is an issue that needs to be studied and addressed. I have attended several Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee meetings and am impressed with Sen. Ron Latz’s perseverance to bring forward the issues of gun violence and the importance of sensible gun violence regulation. His knowledge of the facts, grasp of the nuances of the issues and pragmatic solutions are presented without drama or partisanship.

As ranking minority member on the committee, Sen. Ron Latz has diligently represented Senate District 46. It is due to his perseverance that the issue is being addressed in committee hearings in spite of the chair’s resistance.

I urge my neighbors to re-elect Sen. Ron Latz in 2020 and for Minnesotans to elect Minnesota senators who will help ensure that sensible gun legislation will finally be addressed and passed. It is time.

Susanne Adler

St. Louis Park

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