To the Editor:

We truly appreciate the teaching and outreach provided by the Plymouth Middle and Armstrong High School staff during online learning. A survey was administered early in the process inquiring of students and parents whether the amount of work was appropriate. It has been. Teachers have put much thought and effort into adapting their curriculum for virtual learning. Never has an assignment seemed like “busy work.” Rather, I have been impressed by the challenges presented to our children by their instructors. Teachers are available for help, assigning video lectures when necessary but leaving it up to the student, when appropriate, to participate in a video question and answer session.

The efforts to minister to the “person behind the student” are equally, if not more, laudable. Fun workout regimens, jokes, creative questions for student “check-ins,” humorous staff videos, a talent show and art showcases are just some of the ways staff has boosted teacher and student morale.

Plymouth Middle School Principal Cheri Kulland and Armstrong High School Principal Erik Norby have demonstrated exemplary leadership and their staff is to be commended for an outstanding job in these unprecedented times.

Vic and Jill Thomas


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