To the Editor:

Since moving to Minnetonka in 2015, whenever I’ve attended city events or served on city committees or commissions, Deb Calvert has been a constant presence. Even though she is no longer a Planning Commission member, she still watches the commission’s meetings, and attends all Economic Development Advisory Commission meetings as the city council liaison. She does so because it will help her make more informed decisions as a council member. From my perspective, nobody works harder than Deb to make sure Minnetonka is a great place to live and work. The care and passion to serve that Deb exhibits is very evident through the time she invests into attending city meetings, the thought with which she approaches issues put before the city council, and the action to positive outcomes her work fosters.

Deb is a tireless advocate for environmental sustainability, as evidenced by her work with the National League of Cities, serving on the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee. She was very active on a subcommittee that was instrumental in convincing the military to phase out the use of highly toxic per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances or PFAS firefighting foams, which is a major victory for clean water.

Deb is what an effective city council member should be - intelligent, thoughtful, driven to action, and committed to serve all citizens. I wholeheartedly support Deb’s candidacy to remain on the city council. Minnetonka is a better place because of her efforts.

Matt Henry


Henry currently serves on the Minnetonka Planning Commission and Minnetonka Sustainability Commission.

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