To the Editor:

Supporting Jessica Reader for Minnetonka School Board is an obvious choice for me. I met Reader when her daughter was my choir student. Reader’s energy and enthusiasm for the Minnetonka High School choral program made her an obvious choice for our parent booster organization, Vocal Support. We were thrilled when she accepted a position on our board. During her two full years of volunteer service on the Vocal Support Board, Reader completely revamped the systems in place to support the choir department. Every interaction with her was focused and warmly directed at strengthening our program for the sake of all our kids.

Reader designed innovative ways, including an incentive program, to increase parent involvement in Minnetonka choir programs. She collected data on fundraising and membership where there had been none and used the data to present her findings in easy-to-understand graphics, increasing the board’s ability to project and plan. She created systems that the Minnetonka choir department continues to leverage, even today. I appreciate Reader’s focus on excellence – in academics and in the arts – and her willingness to serve our students with her time and talent.  

Reader has my vote for Minnetonka School Board.

Mary Wiersum


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