To the Editor:

Kudos to Jim Prom of the Plymouth City Council for not drinking the Kool-Aid! The council voted 6-1 to adopt a 2021 budget that included hiring a full-time diversity, equity, inclusion position. Prom was not on board.

Are there known problems with diversity and inclusion in Plymouth? No. Is there a clear picture in simple language of how the person in this position would improve the quality of city government in Plymouth? No.

If needed at all, did the council consider a position that would involve a part-time consultant or employee?

A quick Internet review of corporate trainer salaries shows that $70,000 is a solid salary. The position that Plymouth is creating is similar. The inclusion of $103,500 in the 2021 budget for this position is indicative of a city government where spending may be out of control. Just what are the top 10 salaries in the City of Plymouth?

Prom stated that the creation of the position was “a divisive issue along political lines.” Of course, he is right. Reality is that democrats frequently shout “racism” as a means of furthering their goals.

How ironic that the story also states that the 2021 budget includes a tax levy which is almost 7% over 2020. Is anyone on the council other than Prom aware that it is tough year? But those six council members do have an excuse for not being up to speed … it is the year 2020 after all!

When spring is budding, the thermometer reads 75 degrees, and it is rather safe to socialize on the lawn, the Honorable Jim Prom is invited to my estate … well OK, it’s a rather modest townhouse … for a beverage of his choice off a rather lengthy drink list. But Kool-Aid won’t be on that list.

Loras Holmberg


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