To the Editor:

The following letter to the editor is in response to Steve Karnowski’s May 23 article “Democrats, Republicans win some, lose some in budget deal.”

Some of our newest citizens have given me hope for Minnesota even after a rather disappointing state legislative session.

I was invited to an iftar, the meal that ends the daily Ramadan fast for observant Muslims. On accepting the invitation, my experience as a Catholic Christian was one of hospitality, mutual respect and community that works. What I have found is that our Muslim brothers and sisters, many of whom are recent immigrants, try to contribute the best of their culture and religion to enrich our society while actively participating as loyal Americans in our government. They have helped me see that together we can all thrive whether black, white or brown, no matter how we pray.

My challenge to our Minnesota Senate is to follow this example and work with the House and Gov. Tim Walz in their vision for such important issues as paid family and medical leave, 100% clean energy, health care for all, restoring the vote to those who have served their prison sentences, drivers licenses for all and ending anti-Muslim rhetoric. The Senate’s obstruction is not a viable solution to divided government.

My challenge to each voter is to be involved in the process by communicating with their legislators. They need more than just our votes. They need our heartfelt opinions so they can know the will of the people on important issues. So much more goodwill be accomplished in the next session if all branches work together despite party differences.

Ron Joki

St. Louis Park

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