To the Editor:

So, it happens again. It’s that ‘tit for tat’ (as opposed to a ‘this for that’) way of governing, all over again. It happens in the Minnesota State Senate. It happens in the U.S. Senate. It happens everywhere. And it goes on and on, until. “Until?” you interrupt. Until Nov. 3 for Minnetonka Citizens. Well, Minnetonka, Nov. 3 can be your lucky day voting for the last time with your mind in the “black and white” mode. You can make a decision about ranked-choice voting which gives you a spectrum of candidates to choose from. Say you aren’t hungry for the hot dog or hamburger. You’re looking for something different like a salad or Boston Cream Pie and so on. No problem. Vote for what you want. It’s on the menu.

Arguing politicians is not our problem. We need the argument. We don’t need the stalemate. The system we vote with is too overly simplistic to get what we want. We started outgrowing our digital brain way back when but our voting system did not grow with us. That’s where you come in. You are an educated person with street smarts. We get too little out of our “on again, off again” government. On-off doesn’t work for business and it won’t work for government.

Make our voting system more effective in hearing the politicians we want to hear argue about what we want argued? Ranked-choice voting brings more candidates, higher voter turnout, more fun.

Look into how ranked-choice voting benefits you. What benefits you, benefits me. What benefits me, benefits you. There is no significant downside. Put the mistakes of yesterday behind you. Would you go back to watching TV in black and white? Boring! See you at the polls.

P. S. This choice you have to decide whether to accept ranked-choice voting or not was made possible by Minnetonka Mayor Brad Wiersum and Councilmembers Deb Calvert, at-large, Seat A; Susan Carter, at-large, Seat B; Brian Kirk, Ward 1; Rebecca Schack, Ward 2; Bradley Schaeppi, Ward 3; and Kissy Coakley, Ward 4.

Clarence Richard


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