To the Editor:

I commend the Sun Sailor for its obvious commitment to the community apparent from informing us of events and local news, and especially for its editorials and selection of guest commentary topics. They advocate for the overall health of the civic tone, community resources and environment of our state and local area. Most local citizens will at least verbally agree and appreciate your approach, too. However, our politics have become divisive in a manner that contradicts both that tone and subject matter, and unfortunately one political party is most responsible, from its refusal to acknowledge – by its legislative actions – the pollution of Minnesota air and water, the clear climate warming causing more severe natural disasters, to demanding our national leaders follow our democracies’ rules and practicing common civility. I do not need to identify which party that is because it’s so obvious.

From past membership and friends I get their party-only mailings, and sad to say, even at the state and local level they have become divisive, promoting fear and anger instead of forward-looking policies. That is not how democracies survive. I am afraid we need to acknowledge the painful and constant trickle-down divisiveness and vote to prevent it from growing any worse this election.

David Paulson


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