To the Editor:

Lets just slow down and finish one project at a time.

Why are we looking at developing two new properties when the first one hasn’t even been started? I am talking about the subsidized housing scheduled at Four Seasons Mall and the current situation with Hollydale and Dundee. I have a major concern about the rapid dense development plans supported by some members of the City Council and Mayor Jeff Wosje. This process feels rushed and incomplete.

Just because there is open land, does always make it open for development.

Hollydale golf course was a family business to 60 years, although the family chose to sell, I also understand they had concerns regarding density. More than 300 new $500,000 homes does not support that criteria. And as for that area how about all the families who purchased their homes with the understanding, they would have a beautiful green space? How are they going to enjoy their greenspace and tranquility with a $500,000 “McMansion” blocking their view?

Dundee has also been a family business for over 60 years. Plans for Dundee include a medical office. There is a perfectly wonderful medical clinic “just up the road,” one stoplight, negating the need for another. Also where is all the affordable housing? Is affordable housing in Plymouth only going to be the old Four Seasons Mall site? Somehow that doesn’t seem to pass the stink test. It certainly doesn’t pass the fairness policy. Additionally, I understand there are some significant issues with the property management company, Dominium.

A huge disappointment is the lack of listening and understanding with some compassion, the issues surrounding the communities who will be impacted. The disregard for their concerns is both troubling and suspicious. Is this a done deal? I certainly hope not.

In the interests of fairness, I have been a seasonal employee of Dundee for about 15 years. I have been a Plymouth resident since 1987. We used to shop, get our haircuts and pizza at the Four Seasons Mall. I know things change, and should, but let’s slow down on these projects until we can find solutions, and not more problems.

Linda Carvel


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