To the Editor:

From the very first time I met him, Larry Kraft seemed to bring unwavering positivity with him everywhere he went. During our Roots and Shoots club (St. Louis Park High School’s environmental club) meetings, Larry made what could have been drowsy mornings into inspiring, excited and actionable conversations about our role in city and state-wide climate efforts. Larry inspired us to think beyond the scope of the typical environmental club and worked with us on projects beyond our high school, including writing, passing and implementing one of the nations’ most aggressive Climate Action Plans here in St. Louis Park.

I was appointed to St. Louis Park’s Environment and Sustainability Commission that same year. At every meeting, I was one of two students in a room full of adults who seemed to be infinitely more knowledgeable on everything that mattered. However, even the year Larry wasn’t on the commission and wasn’t required to be at the meetings, he was there and welcomed me. Larry made me feel that hearing my ideas were a priority because of the stake young people have in climate action.

Larry continued to be at every other weekly, 8 a.m. Tuesday Roots and Shoots meeting. He used his vast knowledge on our community and the issues we face to help us thoughtfully prepare for every meeting we led, whether it was with state level representatives, St. Louis Park City staff and council or our school district’s administration. At the same time, Larry helped to make sure every conversation was directed and resulted in action or steps toward it.

Larry Kraft’s election to St. Louis Park City Council would have the same effect on St. Louis Park, empowering residents and making them feel they have a place in important conversations. His commitment to doing so continues to inspire me today, and I know that, as a council member, his unwavering positivity and ability to empower would strengthen our community in many ways.

I’m proud and enthusiastic about Larry’s candidacy, and I hope you can join me in supporting him!

Katie Christiansen

St. Louis Park

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