To the Editor:

Greetings! I have been a resident of the wonderful city of St. Louis Park for the past eight years. I am writing this letter of full support for Larry Kraft for the St. Louis Park City Council.

Larry Kraft and his entire family are amazing. I have known them for seven years. Larry has included my twin sons for the past two-and-a-half years in his climate action plans for our school district. They have participated with the St. Louis Park High School Roots and Shoots Club for the past two academic years. The small group of Class of 2025 students have accompanied the high school cohort of the Roots and Shoots Club twice when they presented their mission to the St. Louis Park School Board.

The Kraft family has been 10,000% committed to climate control for eternity. There is no one better nor more qualified than Larry Kraft to secure this St. Louis Park City Council seat. Global warming is a known fact. Our government has unfortunately dropped the ball on its vital importance for years. Our wonderful city has done amazing things in the schools and our community to make a difference in our expenditure of energy resources. This is largely due to Larry Kraft and his work. I fully endorse and support Larry Kraft for this open seat!

Danae Curtis

St. Louis Park

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