To the Editor:

This Nov. 5, join me in voting for Larry Kraft for St. Louis Park City Council, at-large A! Now more than ever, we are regularly looking to our local boards to help solve some of the biggest problems in our society and in our world.

That’s why I am thrilled Larry Kraft is running for city council and why I am proud to support him.

I have worked with Larry for a few years now on the St. Louis Park Environment & Sustainability Commission. I have seen up close his passion for local action, knowledge of climate change and its many effects on our lives and his work ethic. Whether it’s with his fellow commissioners, city staff or high school students around the metro area, Larry treats everyone with respect, listens to their ideas and input, lifts others up and engages them in finding a successful solution together.

Larry truly understands systems thinking and that everything is connected. As John Muir wrote, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

When looking at an issue – like housing, food access, transportation and economic development – it’s incredibly important to understand how it is connected to everything else, how they impact each other and what the unintended consequences, or neutral effects, may be for the proposed plan, especially if it is negatively impacting some people more than others.

And it’s important to understand how climate change is and will be impacting us. Climate change is not an issue – it is the lens through which all issues must be viewed. We do not have a choice but to solve our problems within the reality of our circumstances and our world. And that reality is climate change.

I encourage you all to rank Larry Kraft as your first choice on Tuesday, Nov. 5 for at-large A. I am confident he will be an exceptional council member and will work hard for all our residents – while keeping a thoughtful eye on the impacts of our region and world.

Claire Lukens

St. Louis Park

Claire Lukens is chair of the St. Louis Park Environment & Sustainability Commission.

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