To the Editor:

As a longtime Minnesotan, I cherish our magnificent environment. I believe all Minnesotans deserve clean air, clean water and a healthy climate. I am proud and grateful that our District 33B Rep. Kelly Morrison has been a leader on environment and natural resources at the Legislature this year.

I have been very frustrated that the State Senate have been unwilling to negotiate on the environment and natural resources portion of the budget. In fact, they have indicated their intent to cut funding for state parks and the Minnesota Zoo if any clean cars provision is a part of final negotiations. This at the moment when new breakthroughs in lithium-metal battery efficiency will help facilitate anticipated growth of electric vehicles that will make gas-free models more affordable than combustion-powered engines by 2027. Why does the Senate majority oppose the Minnesota Pollution Control’s plan to let Minnesotans choose EVs? -7% of available new vehicles is still not a lot. It seems senators care more about keeping the fossil fuel industry happy than common-sense climate and environmental solutions that are in line with what most Minnesotans want and support.

After a long, hard year, as we are finally able to look forward to enjoying the outdoors, now is the time for the Senate to work with the House to protect our environment and climate. Our lakes and rivers, forests and woods and farmland have been important to Minnesotans for generations and it’s our responsibility to ensure we are protecting our environment and climate for generations to come. I want my grandchildren and future generations to continue the Minnesota special relationship with our natural resources.

It’s time for the Senate majority to represent the majority of Minnesotans who support 100% clean energy. Keep our state parks open and let the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency do its job.

Katie Williams


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