To the editor:

Here we still are, obsessed with the chaos around the White House––like a car wreck, we can’t turn away.

But please, turn your head, and look at the articles about floods and fires and record rainfall. This is the changing climate.

The evidence for a slow-motion climate disaster is here in Minnesota, and every year we will see more damage to our lakes, our trees, our farms and our children.

There is a debate right now in Washington, D.C., to address the culprit, which is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

We need your voice in our powerful American process of bill-writing, negotiation and citizen involvement.

One bill, HR763 in the House, is a bipartisan and free-market approach to CO2 reduction, and two of our state’s congressional members, Dean Phillips and Angie Craig, are already co-sponsors.

Please, turn away from the impeachment news and become an advocate for the climate. You’ll be glad you did.

Rod Fisher

Eden Prairie

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