To the Editor:

Three people have filed for election for St. Louis Park’s At-Large A city council seat. Ranked-choice voting applies; my first choice will be to vote for Deb Brinkman, and I encourage all St. Louis Park voters to vote for Deb Brinkman as their first choice, too. Here’s why.

Deb Brinkman is a third-generation resident of St. Louis Park. My sister, Anita, and Deb Brinkman’s mother were good friends throughout their school years, and Anita knew Deb’s grandparents, too. I’ve had some deep and meaningful conversations with Deb, and I have come to this conclusion: Deb knows the city, the people and the cultures of St. Louis Park well and has known them her whole life. Deb Brinkman knows why St. Louis Park is the special place that it is. And she knows it as few others do.

But that’s not all. Deb also knows about some of the city’s warts and about some of the things that make St. Louis Park a place that is less than it could be. And she wants to help St. Louis Park strive for and achieve the fullness of its potential for being.

Deb Brinkman realizes that the demographics of St. Louis Park, like most communities in America, are changing. Our population’s average age is increasing, and it will continue to do so for a while. She wants to make St. Louis Park an age-friendly city for all individuals and for all age groups, and she wants to leave no age groups, income groups, cultural groups, religious groups or other groups behind.

And Deb Brinkman wants all individuals who reside here to have an opportunity for the realization of one’s fullness of being, through constructive interactions in community with others. She also wants those who live within our city and those who look at our city from afar to realize the honor and glory that inhabits the minds of current and former residents, as well as in the minds of others around the world. Vote for Deb Brinkman! You won’t regret it.

Dale A. Anderson

St. Louis Park

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