To the Editor:

Even though we are having yet another wave of COVID-19 infections in Minnesota, there are encouraging signs. The number of cases in the state has increased weekly since July 4. But for the last few weeks, the amount of that increase has gone slowly down, suggesting that the upward curve of COVID-19 cases is reaching a plateau, will soon level off, and perhaps this wave will end soon.

I have a family member who can not be vaccinated, and who has a respiratory condition that makes him very sick - hospital sick - if he gets a respiratory infection of any kind. We are, I think justifiably, afraid of COVID-19. With students returning to in-person learning, we are afraid that the current wave, instead of waning, will persist or get worse, as has happened in states that started school weeks before Minnesota does.

I encourage anyone who was planning to get a COVID-19 vaccine, but who has not gotten to it yet, to consider doing so at your earliest convenience. An increase in the rate of vaccination, along with masking and other measures, may help end this outbreak sooner.

Greg Laden


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