To the Editor:

How do you define “greatness?” Chief Mike Goldstein is the epitome of that term: A vision of the mind, a vitality of the heart! An ideal role model. Someone who raises the bar to a level to which the wise and honorable can always repair.

If anything is ever lost, it will be regained. With the chief, we always know there will be a great comeback.

Relentlessly focused forward on the upside of the future, his Tri-City Community Collaborative Group, his Plymouth Citizen’s Police Academy, and his support of Heart Safe Minnesota, in tandem with the Plymouth Rotary Club, are all examples of his epic achievements in his building of community capital.

When all is said and done, the chief stands like our “conscience: watching us, waiting for us to do the right thing.” He is now, and always has been, inspiration of the highest order.

Peter R. Bartling


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