To the Editor:

Many of us remember a time when people asking for our vote actually listened to our concerns and took time to authentically build trust. St. Louis Park City Council candidate Deb Brinkman is this type of person.

I know Deb very well. Not only are we long-term neighbors, we served as co-presidents of the League of Women Voters of St. Louis Park. We also worked together on the Kids Voting program, a mock election for kids in grades 2 through 8. It is a wonderful community collaborative effort. More recently, we both were engaged in the effort to get our city to adopt ranked-choice voting – which was successful!

During all of these experiences, Deb always demonstrated sincere interest in the ideas and concerns of others. She has her own perspective but believes in the importance of collaboration and working with others in a positive way. Her approach builds trust.

Please join me in supporting Deb Brinkman as your first choice for St. Louis Park City Council At-Large A!

Debbie Blake

St. Louis Park

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