To the Editor:

We all need to exercise caution when interpreting the words and campaign promises of the candidates for Wayzata School Board. 

Look out for Wayzata School Board candidates that are saying they will focus on unity rather than division. The campaign slogan of “unity” can be carefully written to hide its true intent. Let’s be clear, these “unity” candidates may be supporting the rewriting of curriculum to remove elements of U.S. history that they find uncomfortable, including slavery and systemic racism. If successful in this effort, Wayzata students will be prepped for failure as they enter a world that is grappling with the contemporary consequences of these unfortunate truths.

Some candidates also support what they call “medical freedom.” The hidden intention behind this comment is to drop the Wayzata School District mask mandate. These candidates make this dangerous argument at a time when there are already 233 schools in Minnesota with documented COVID-19 outbreaks. Closer to home, let’s look at our neighbors to the south to see how important universal masking is. Despite having fewer students and staff, the Minnetonka School District (masks optional at the high school) reports more than three times as many people in quarantine (198) than the Wayzata School District (61 people, universal masking). Masks are clearly working and the mandate needs to stay in place. Simply put, the candidates arguing for “medical freedom” are placing their political aspirations above the health of students, their families and our community as a whole.

Be careful. Do not be fooled. Several school board candidates are using lofty words to hide their foolish and dangerous political agenda. And I do not mean “dangerous” in terms of a slight shift in policy that does not match my own values and beliefs. These school board candidates pose a threat to the physical health of your children, your family, and everyone in the district.

Kristen Kling


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