To the Editor:

In this COVID-19 and highly partisan era, it is imperative that when we have opportunities to elect new representatives to local, county, and state offices, we must, as Mr. Rogers paraphrased his mother’s wisdom, “look for the helpers.” On Aug. 11, we all in the west metro, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, have a chance to vote for the new Hennepin County Commissioner District 6 helper in the non-partisan primary. The true non-partisan helper we all are looking for is Dario Anselmo.

Dario’s firsthand nonprofit, business and life experiences are lengthy: bi-partisan education and environmental leadership in the State Legislature, purchasing and growing the Fine Line Music Café, a Minneapolis cultural institution, serving on business associations and councils, and serving on nonprofit boards. Dario is a uniquely qualified candidate who seeks to apply his vast life personal and professional experience to help the lives of all Hennepin County residents across the political spectrum and across all of Hennepin County.

Dario was profoundly shaped by mental health challenges within his close community many years ago. For 25 years, Dario has volunteered countless hours and served on boards within to help others access mental health care and provide stability in times of emotional hardship. If you are like me and your test for elected officials is whether he or she has empathy and understands the impact of his or her vote, trust that Dario scores an A on understanding mental health policy, resources and the impact on the average resident seeking help.

In late 2019, I met Dario Anselmo and was immediately impressed at his passion to help others and his legislative voting record with many votes across party lines. Dario consistently placed people’s concerns before politics. As a centrist and a council member of a city in Hennepin County District 6, I encourage you to learn more about Dario. Dario Anselmo is the helper we desperately need as our Hennepin County Commissioner District 6.

Bradley Schaeppi


Schaeppi is a Minnetonka Councilmember for Ward 3.

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