Iola Kostrzewski

Iola Kostrzewski

Iola Kostrzewski announced their run for Minnetonka City Council’s At-Large, 1A seat. Kostrzewski is a mother, public health advocate, former foster child and community activist. A resident of the community since 2018, Kostrzewski is an example of younger families who have made Minnetonka their home. Equitable and affordable housing is an issue Kostrzewski will make a leading priority, as they believe the community should be open to all who wish to enjoy the benefits and beauty of Minnetonka.

Kostrzewski served on the Stonewall DFL board for three years in various positions. Kostrzewski is also the treasurer for the Somali American Farmers Association.

Kostrzewski has supported communities through Standing Rock supply runs, providing medical care during unrest sparked by the murder of George Floyd and continuing to show up for communities within Minnetonka and surrounding cities believing that “need to move from equality to equity do not stop at our city limits.”

As a parent who had the same COVID struggles for their children as many other Minnetonka parents have had, and as a former foster child, Kostrzewski have experienced how systems work and the intersectionality that needs to happen for these systems to work for all of Minnetonka’s residents. “As a child that started in a system that has expected my failure, to run for city council is active resistance. I am hoping to inspire other fosters, activate our youth, support young families, connect with seniors, and address the concerns of renters.”

Kostrzewski’s’ vision for the city is simple “having a safe, equity city that is connecting its residents to resources, providing support for small businesses and protecting the beautiful wetlands and land that we enjoy daily.”

Kostrzewski plans to connect with residents this summer through in-person meet-and-greets, door-to-door visits, and can be reached at

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