The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools’ board of directors awarded $17,700 in Community Partnership Grants at its November board meeting.

The foundation announced the following grants:

• The “My Book Day” program, which provides a book for every first-grader in Eden Prairie Schools. This program is in partnership with the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary.

• Funding for school supplies for district students. The foundation works with PROP to provide backpacks of supplies and graphing calculators.

• The “READY! for Kindergarten” program, which provides training and high-quality learning tools for families to develop school-ready skills with their children. “READY! for Kindergarten” is run by the Eden Prairie Schools’ Early Childhood program.

• The CounterAct Program, which gives students information designed to result in less drug and alcohol use and better coping skills.

• MoveFwd services in Eden Prairie Schools that help students manage difficult emotional and family situations. The program is aimed at helping the students make positive choices and preserve their safety and educational and career opportunities as they become young adults.

• A support group at Eden Prairie TreeHouse. The group is a weekly small group session facilitated by staff or trained volunteers to encourage teens to receive as well as give support to their peers. Through their participation, teens learn how to have a healthy peer community and develop healthy coping skills. This is geared toward helping to reduce at-risk behaviors and build positive relationships and outcomes in the lives of participants.

“These grants help us operationalize our mission by allowing larger groups of students to access the amazing education they can receive in Eden Prairie Schools,” said Conn McCartan, executive director of the foundation. “By partnering with other groups in Eden Prairie that support educational efforts, we amplify the impact of the many generous donors in our community who make all of this possible.”

Since its founding in 1998, the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools has awarded more than $1 million for programs that directly impact students.


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