City foresters have confirmed that two trees along Minnetonka’s southeast border are infested with emerald ash borer.

Emerald ash borer is a non-native beetle that attacks and kills ash trees. The first confirmed case in Minnesota was found in 2009 in St. Paul and it has since spread throughout Ramsey and Hennepin counties.

Minnetonka has been preparing for the arrival of the borer since 2010. As part of those preparations, city officials have taken several steps, including the removal of approximately 1,500 ash trees from city property and the right-of-way, chemical treatment of 170 ash trees on city property and the replanting of 850 trees utilizing a variety of tree species.

Scouting for other infected trees will continue throughout the summer, and Minnetonka’s natural resources division will work with neighboring property owners to educate them about their management options. There is still plenty of time for property owners to begin managing for emerald ash borer.

It is imperative that residents and businesses prepare for the effects of emerald ash borer infestation. Ash trees killed off by the borer are extremely brittle, pose a risk to property and roads, and are dangerous and costly to remove. The borer is primarily spread by transporting ash firewood or pruning and removing ash trees while the beetles are active (May 1 through Sept. 30).

Visit for answers to frequently asked questions about the signs and symptoms of the borer and what property owners can do to help mitigate the problem. For more information, contact the city’s forestry office at 952-988-8407.

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