A hearing on the case is set for Jan. 5

A Wayzata couple’s nearly finished Lake Minnetonka mansion is at the center of a lawsuit filed by their two neighbors, one of whom is former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway.

The lawsuit against the homeowners and the city of Wayzata alleges that Cindy and Tom Redmond’s new home at 639 Bushaway Road is too close to the lakeshore and that the city violated several of its own zoning ordinances when it allowed for the development in late 2019.

The lawsuit filed Oct. 6 in Hennepin County District Court by Ken and Wendy Ehlert and Chad and Jenni Greenway contends that the new home – located 95 feet from the shoreline – should be required to meet the city’s rules for new properties to be located at least 260 feet from the lake. Other violations, they argue, include the new property going above the allowed 20% of impervious surface and an attached garage being more than the maximum 1,000 square feet.

The Redmonds purchased the property and 5,800-square-foot home in 2018 for $6.8 million and tore down the existing home to make way for a new 8,300-square-foot mansion. Before starting construction, they went to the city for several variance requests that were ultimately approved by the Wayzata City Council.

Andrew Bardwell, an attorney working on the case for the Redmonds, said the homeowners followed the city’s rules and got approvals before starting construction on the new home.

“It’s really pretty simple. The Redmonds secured all of the necessary approvals prior to construction,” Bardwell said. “They had the blessing of the city for everything they did before they did it.”

But the neighbors argue city officials didn’t have valid reasons to grant those requests and the 2,600-square-foot subterranean detached garage was never approved by the city. The lawsuit alleges that the city improperly granted the three variance requests and improperly determined that the detached garage did not require a variance or conditional use permit in violation of its ordinance.

The lawsuit contends the application did not address a specific need unique to the property that would prevent compliance with the city’s rules. The lot size was large enough to build a home that would be in line with current ordinance requirements, according to the lawsuit. 

It also states that the new home adversely impacts the shoreline and lake views for the two neighbors and will diminish their property values due to a shared driveway that unavoidably exposes them to the new property.

A hearing on the case has been set for Jan. 5 following a Hennepin County judge’s order that the Redmonds show cause why their property should not be brought into compliance with the city’s ordinances.

The city of Wayzata and the Redmonds have both moved for the case to be dismissed. Wayzata City Manager Jeffrey Dahl said the city does not comment on pending litigation.


A Wayzata couple’s nearly finished Lake Minnetonka mansion at 639 Bushaway Road is at the center of a lawsuit filed by their two neighbors. The above image shows the property line and the home that was there previously. The image below shows the new home mid construction. (Submitted images)



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