The newest exhibit at Burnet Fine Art & Advisory is “Fresh: A Summer Selection.” (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


“There’s Not Another Posse with More Points Scored,” mixed media on canvas, by artist Roger Cummings. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


Among the works on display at Burnet Fine Art & Advisory are “Spinning Spaniel,” an oil painting by artist Iris Scott, and three gouache painting by artist Annie Hejny from her “Birch Bark” series. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


“Les Objets d’Artistes,” red earthenware and blue glass, by artist Anish Kapoor. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)


“Fresh: A Summer Selection,” is open through Aug. 29 at Burnet Fine Art & Advisory, 775 Lake St. E., Wayzata. The new exhibit showcases works from artists Ellsworth Kelly, Rico Gatson, Carmen Herrera, Anish Kapoor, Willie Cole, Hans Hoffman, Teo Nguyen, Daniel Gordon, Sunday B. Morning/Andy Warhol, R. J. Kern, Jeremy Dickinson, Mike Marks, Tori Gagne, Joshua Huyser and more. For more information, visit burnetart.com. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)

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