The cast of “The Wolves” rehearse a scene Oct. 2 at Blue Water Theatre Company in Wayzata. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)

Play will run for three performances Oct. 11-13

Blue Water Theatre Company’s latest play steps into the inner circle of a girls’ soccer team.

A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, “The Wolves” is a 2016 play by Sarah DeLappe that centers on the experiences of nine high school girls through their weekly Saturday morning pregame soccer warm-ups.

Throughout the play, the girls navigate topics like teen pregnancy, eating disorders, drugs and mental health as they deal with love, loss and identity.

“Each scene is them warming up for a new game,” said director Anna Becker. “It tells the story of their little battles with each other and their friendships and also them coming to terms with what it means to be a woman in today’s society.”

This will be Becker’s first time in the director’s chair for Blue Water. Becker, an alumnus of the youth theater company, first performed with the group in “Cinderalla” as an eighth grader. She performed in several productions before graduating from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in 2015.


Blue Water Theatre Company Anna Becker, right, directs a scene during a rehearsal for “The Wolves” at the theatre company’s Wayzata performance space. (Sun photo by Jason Jenkins)

Becker said this is also her first time directing since graduating from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, earlier this year and returning to Minnesota.

“I’m loving it,” she said after taking a seat near the Blue Water stage in Wayzata.

While in college, Becker said, she collected scripts for plays that she would be interested in directing. At the top of that list was “The Wolves.”

“And I had connections with Blue Water, which is a company that I have loved working with,” she said. “I always felt really respected as an artist here.”

Becker was still living in Iowa during the recent Minneapolis run of “The Wolves,” so she’s only read the script, but that was enough to inspire her to reach out to Blue Water Director Charlie Leonard about bringing the play to Wayzata.

“When I read it, I was just so struck by how real it felt,” she said. “It really mirrored a lot of my experiences and friendships that I’ve had. And it’s a story that’s by women and it’s for women. I think that’s very empowering.”

The cast of 10 features nine soccer players, all referred to only by their jersey number.

Sophia Markstron, a sophomore at Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria, will play #2, who she describes as a very kind, innocent person with strong religious beliefs who “doesn’t really fit in with the other girls when it comes to their gossip.” But audiences will discover that #2 has her struggles, too, Markstron said.

“I think they all bond over the fact that they play soccer as an escape from their difficulties,” she said.

St. Louis Park High School junior Carly Joseph will play #13.

“She’s very different than #2. For lack of a better word, she’s the team stoner,” Joseph said. “But she has a ton of energy and is always very positive, which I actually love about her.”

Joseph saw “The Wolves” at Minneapolis’ Jungle Theater earlier this year, and she said it quickly became her new favorite play.

“The way the show is written actually tells you what the lives of teenagers are like. Some of them fit stereotypes and a lot of them don’t. I think this play does a really good job of showing all of that,” Joseph said. “The show is also important for women as a whole because the show very much centers around women’s rights and problems that women face. It’s not just about teenagers, it’s specifically about teenage girls and the struggles that they face and going out in the world and accomplishing the things they want to accomplish.”

“The Wolves,” as originally written, is considered rated “R” for profanity. According to the theater company’s website, the goal for the Blue Water production is to adjust the language so that the show ends up falling closer to the “PG-13” category. Those with questions about the content of the play may contact Leonard at charlie.leonard@bluewatertheatre.com.


If you go:

Blue Water Theatre Company presents “The Wolves”

When: 7 p.m. Friday, Oct 11; 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct 12; and 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13  

Where: Blue Water Theatre Company, 605 Rice St. E., Wayzata

Information and tickets: bluewatertheatre.com


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