With many people well-versed in virtual communication by now, a St. Louis Park company that has focused on physical wellness plans to partner with a Boston organization focusing on mental health.

Minnesota-based Wellbeats announced a partnership with Massachusetts-based Healbright to bundle the East Coast organization’s mental wellness programs with its library of more than 800 fitness, mindfulness and nutrition classes, according to an Aug. 24 statement by the partners.

“This partnership allows Wellbeats to offer employers and individual users a full suite of mental health content to complement its already robust body of content that users can access from the comfort and safety of home,” the statement explains. “Wellbeats users will now have access to Healbright’s on-demand videos on topics like stress, mindfulness, parenting, anxiety, PTSD, burnout, and more.”

Although Wellbeats formed well before the current pandemic prompted a surge in virtual programming, the organization’s president and CEO, Jason Von Bank, indicated the pandemic played a role in the partnership.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced what we already knew about the important intersection of mental health, physical health, and overall wellbeing,” he said. “The addition of Healbright’s engaging, research-based content to the Wellbeats platform allows us to give users a broader range of content to ensure we’re meeting their unique needs. Mental health, just like physical health and fitness, is highly personal and must fit an individual’s lifestyle and needs to be effective. This partnership speaks to our ongoing mission to deliver fitness that fits any lifestyle.”

The statement asserted that adults were eight times more likely to screen positive for serious mental illness last year compared to 2018. Online therapy has increased 65% in the number of clients since mid-February 2020, according to the statement. Utilization of virtual mental health benefits reportedly increased a similar amount, 66%.

However, the National Institutes of Mental Health reported that only 45% of Americans who experienced mental illness in 2019 received mental health services in the past year, the statement says. It adds that federal statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that a lower percentage of people aged 45-64 received treatment in the last 12 months than younger adults.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wellbeats to combine physical and mental wellness programs on one platform,” Healbright CEO Bill Belanger wrote in the news release. “This partnership allows us to offer a truly holistic wellness solution that will help employees improve their emotional and physical health.”

Wellbeats is geared toward corporate well-being initiatives. The classes are designed to be available at any time or place and fit the interests of people of any age or fitness level, according to the organization.

Its content is available for Apple, Android and Windows devices along with web browsers and streaming players like Chromecast and Roku.

The company offers a sampling of its fitness classes through Facebook Live sessions.

To learn more about Wellbeats, visit wellbeats.com. For more information about Healbright, visit healbright.com.

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