Included in the reports June 14-20 were these incidents:

June 14 - A front door was shattered and cigarettes and lottery tickets stolen on the 4700 block of Excelsior Boulevard.

- A verbal domestic with a false report of a stolen gun resulting in charges of property damage on the 2700 block of Rhode Island Avenue.

- An assault in which an individual “took off after crashing into a nearby vehicle” on the 2700 block of Louisiana Court.

June 15 - Two bicycles stolen from an underground parking garage on the 4400 block of Park Glen Road.

- A bicycle stolen from a park on the 4400 block of West 28th Street.

- Burglary on the 8100 block of Minnetonka Boulevard.

June 16 - Bike theft on the 3500 block of Minikahda Court.

- An individual shot in the lip and an arm with a BB gun on the 4400 block of Park Glen Road.

June 17 - A stolen vehicle on the 2900 block of Louisiana Avenue. The suspect fled upon observing police.

- Burglary at a business on the 3900 block of Excelsior Boulevard.

- A duck house and turkey stand stolen on the 2200 block of Hill Lane.

- Two packages stolen on the 2100 block of Ridge Drive.

- Eight stenciled fists spray-painted in black spray paint on various sections of a railroad bridge at Virginia Avenue and Burd Place.

- Prescription drugs stolen from a doorstep on the 2300 block of Gettysburg Avenue.

June 18 - Criminal sexual conduct on the 8300 block of West 31st Street.

- Domestic assault with a knife on the 2400 block of Nevada Avenue.

- Garage burglary on the 9200 block of West 22nd Street.

June 19 - Theft of firebox keys from a building on the 3900 block of Wooddale Avenue.

June 20 - An arrest for suspicion of fleeing a peace officer by a means other than a motor vehicle, violation of the open bottle law, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction and carrying a pistol without a permit on the 1400 block of Colorado Avenue.

- Burglary of an underground garage on the 3900 block of Wooddale Avenue.

- A dog bite on the 3300 block of Yosemite Avenue.

– Compiled by Seth Rowe

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