To the editor:

I'm writing to endorse Margaret Rog for the Ward 1 city council seat. Margaret has shown her commitment to our schools throughout her 25 years in the community, including as past president of the Peter Hobart PTO and founding member of parent booster clubs for the arts at our high school, among many other contributions to our school district and community. Margaret understands the value of partnerships and is committed to finding creative ways our school district and city can work together to expand opportunities for students. 

Margaret's experience as a consultant to nonprofits in the arts, K-12 and higher education, with a focus on equity, is another plus. As chair of the St. Louis Park School Board, I value this expertise in a city council candidate and know others in the district do, too. 

Margaret knows what it's like to have kids in our schools given that her three children all graduated from St. Louis Park. She has previously worked hard on Vote Yes campaigns for prior district referendums and is equally committed to the district’s ballot questions this year. She has included Vote Yes messages in her campaign literature and in her conversations with voters. If you live in Ward 1, please support the school district’s two ballot questions and cast your vote for Margaret Rog as well. 

Jim Yarosh

St. Louis Park

Jim Yarosh is chair of the St. Louis Park School Board.

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