Shooting suspect vehicle

Camera footage of the suspect vehicle (left) in connection with Jay Boughton’s fatal shooting.

A 33-year-old Chicago man has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the July 6 fatal shooting of Jay Boughton, 56, of Crystal.

The suspect, Jamal Lindsey Smith, was arrested Aug. 24 in Decatur, Ill., according to Plymouth Police Chief Erik Fadden, who made the announcement during a press conference Sept. 2.

“This was truly a needle in a haystack,” Fadden said of the 1500 hours “of painstaking investigation work.”

The arrest comes eight weeks after Boughton was shot in the head from a passing vehicle on Highway 169 in Plymouth.

Boughton’s teenage son was in the front seat at the time of the shooting and subsequent crash, but did not observe the shooter, according to the criminal complaint.

Further information revealed that the shooting stemmed from a brief altercation and that Boughton “gestured” to the other vehicle.

Officers obtained surveillance video of Highway 169 from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and observed a silver SUV that had been traveling in the left lane directly next to Boughton’s vehicle for about 0.5 miles.

After about 10 seconds, his son reported hearing a loud noise and saw the driver’s side window was shattered and had a small hole. Their vehicle then went off the road and crashed.

After the shooting, the suspect’s vehicle reportidly traveled southbound at a high rate of speed and it is believed to have exited onto Shelard Parkway.

On July 23, Plymouth Police received a tip from a towing company that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle, which had been impounded after reportedly being stolen from a rental company in April. The vehicle had been parked on the 200 block of Shelard Parkway. It was near the residence of a witness who later admitted to being in a romantic relationship with the suspect and became suspicious of his connection to the crime.

The suspect vehicle was seized and searched, at which time officers located a work ID as well as prescription paperwork with Smith’s name.

A Facebook Live video taken on the day of the shooting showed the suspect with the weapon matching the bullet found in Boughton’s vehicle.

Two other individuals were observed in the Facebook Live post, according to the complaint. Investigation into their role in the shooting continues.

Smith is currently in custody in Chicago.

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