Included in the Police July 8 through July 14 reports were these incidents:

July 8 - Victim had his vehicle parked in underground garage. Unknown suspect smashed window to gain entry and rummaged through the vehicle on the 15300 block of 37th Avenue. No loss.

July 9 - Victim’s vehicle was unlocked vehicle parked in apartment parking lot. Checkbook was stolen from vehicle on the 14300 block of 34th Avenue.

July 10 - Unknown suspect entered the residence through an unlocked sliding door and took victim’s wallet on the 17000 block of 39th Court. Loss $55.

- Complainant called to report a damaged tennis net and a tipped over a portable toilet in the park on the 5400 block of Northwest Boulevard.

- Unknown suspect entered residence through an unlocked door and stole several electronics on the 4000 block of Goldenrod Lane.

- Victim reported damage to the ignition to his motorcycle, parked in underground garage on the 15300 block of 37th Avenue.

- Both victims came out after work and found their vehicles had the windows broken and one victim had $300 taken from vehicle on the 4100 block of County Road 101.

July 11 - Reporting party observed two unknown females slash tires on victim’s vehicle in a parking lot on the 3900 block of Lancaster Lane. Suspect was gone on arrival.

- Victim reported his vehicle that was parked on the street was stolen on the 2300 block of Lancaster Lane.

- Victim reported his vehicle stolen from driveway on the 12700 block of 30th Avenue.

- Victim reported unknown person forcibly entered vehicle and rummaged through it. Nothing missing but wires to the hood had been damaged on the 10100 block of Highway 55.

- Officer took a report of credit cards that were stolen out of an unlocked vehicle on the 12800 block of 27th Place.

- Victim reported a credit card and some change was stolen from his vehicle parked in driveway on the 12900 block of 27th Avenue.

July 12 - Victim reported suspect broke into his storage locker taking several items on the 5500 block of Highway 169.

- Unknown suspect entered home, took the keys for two vehicles parked in driveway and stole both vehicles on the 3500 block of Rosewood Lane. Case under investigation.

- Victim stated unknown suspect took garage door opener from vehicle in the driveway and entered the garage on the 1700 block of Kirkwood Lane. Suspect then entered vehicle in garage taking $20 and bottle of wine.

- Victim reported his vehicle stolen from parking lot on the 10000 block of 59th Avenue.

- Victim reported her vehicle stolen from driveway on the 12700 block of 25th Avenue.

- Victim reported his vehicle was stolen from driveway on the 12800 block of 34th Avenue.

- Victim stated he parked his vehicle on the street and it was stolen on the 900 block of Garland Lane.

- Officer responded to a vehicle stolen from driveway on the 16000 block of 37th Avenue.

- Victim reports her unlocked vehicle parked in driveway was gone through on the 1700 block of Kirkwood Lane. Nothing missing.

- Victim reported two bikes were stole off his porch on the 17300 block of County Road 6.

- Victim reported change and garage door opener was taken from unlock vehicle in driveway on the 12900 block of 39th Avenue North.

- Victim reported tools were stolen out of his truck parked in driveway on the 10800 block of 50th Court.

- Victim reported her purse was taken from her unlocked vehicle parked in driveway on the 3300 block of Minnesota Lane.

- Victim reported his unlocked vehicle was entered and some change was stolen on the 14900 block of 31st Avenue.

July 13 - Reporting party stated that a snow blower was taken from open garage on the 10900 block of Highway 55.

- Victims reported their vehicles were parked in driveway. Unknown suspect rummaged through both vehicles taking a pair of sunglasses on the 17400 block of 8th Avenue.

- Reporting party stated he parked his rental car in lot and unknown suspect stole the catalytic converter from vehicle on the 13400 block of Industrial Park Boulevard.

July 14 - Victim reported his home was entered by unknown suspect and ransacked. Electronics and jewelry were taken on the 5000 block of Norwood Lane.

- Wallet stolen from vehicle that was parked in an underground garage on the 6100 block of Quinwood Lane.

- Victim reported vehicle parked in parking lot had been entered and rummaged through on the 10100 block of Highway 55. Nothing missing.

- Victim stated his vehicle with trailer was parked on street. Unknown suspect stole a trimmer and blower out of his trailer on the 1600 block of Highway 169.

- Victim reported unknown suspect entered his unlocked vehicle in driveway and stole items on the 300 Union Terrace Lane.

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