A sign directs voters at Wayzata High School on Election Day, Nov. 5. (Sun staff photo by Jason Jenkins)

Seanne Falconer and incumbents Bonita Lucky, Linda Cohen and Cheryl Polzin are the winners in the race for Wayzata School Board.

More than 8,800 votes were cast in the Nov. 5 election. According to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s office, Polzin received the most votes with 1,441 (16.4%), followed by Cohen with 1,425 votes (16.2%), Lucky with 1,133 votes (12.9%) and Falconer with 1,075 votes (12.2%).

A total of eight candidates were seeking election to four at-large seats on the board. The other candidates in the race were Emily Fair, Vishala Kamojjala, Bindu Moram and Sheila Prior.

Falconer, who has lived in the school district for five years, was elected to her first term on the board.

“I’m honored and thrilled to be joining the Wayzata School Board in January 2020,” Falconer said, adding that the campaigning process afforded her the opportunity to get to know members of the community and the other candidates.

“Next year will be an exciting time for Wayzata Schools as we will have to decide, as a community, how we are going to address the need for more middle school classrooms and teachers,” she said. “The open dialogue with the community will be a great way to get to know even more people and ensure a diversity of voices and opinions before we move forward with a plan.”

Falconer said an initial policy focus will be meeting with the new Culinary Express director and collaborating with other board members and parents to further establish the district wellness committee and facilitate opportunities for parents to inform the committee’s direction and goals. She said she’ll also work to explore collaborating with other districts on purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables, look into the finances of the district’s culinary model, take a fresh look at the 20-minute lunch period model and set goals for reducing harmful additives and concerning ingredients from the lunch menu.

Cohen, who has lived in the school district for more than 40 years, was re-elected to a sixth term on the board.

Cohen, in her responses to the Sun Sailor voter guide, said she’ll work to sustain and increase the high academic achievement of students while paying close attention to their health and well-being. She said it’s important that the district and school board make every effort to make sure each and every student and family feel they belong in the district. Cohen said recent work toward this effort has included adding outreach staff, student support staff and programs like Reading Recovery.

Lucky, who moved with her family from Tennessee to the school district six years ago, was re-elected to a second term on the board.

In her voter guide responses, Lucky said rapid student growth continues to be one of the district’s top issues. She said it’s important that the district prioritize responsible management of growth while maintaining a deliberate focus on student and teacher well-being in creating a productive and quality educational learning environment.

Lucky said that while the district is doing well in terms of overall student performance, she’ll continue to seek out opportunities to address the challenges of closing the minority education achievement gaps that exist within the school district.

Polzin, who has lived in the district for more than 30 years, was re-elected to serve a third term on the board.

Polzin, in the voter guide, said she’ll work to maintain Wayzata Schools’ excellence while taking every opportunity to address challenges and improve educational outcomes and quality experiences for students. She said it’s important the school board listen to students and community members and work collaboratively with administration and staff on addressing the district’s top issues, which include achievement and opportunity gaps, student and staff health and well-being and working to maintain strong fiscal management while keeping pace with steadily growing enrollment.

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Seanne Falconer

Regent Cohen

Linda Cohen


Bonita Lucky

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Cheryl Polzin


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