To the Editor:


The March 8 edition of the Sun Sailor Plymouth published three letters for or against Rep. Erik Paulsen. Two of those letters were about guns and the third, about Medicare, was apparently sent to you by the vice chair of Senate District 44 Republicans, Tracy Sterk, and is just more of Erik Paulsen’s pandering to seniors.

The writer does not appear to be of Medicare-age based on internet pictures. While this does not disqualify her from writing about it, I really wonder how much input she had into its content and how much was produced by some association of Medicare Advantage plans to thank Paulsen for a vote or for a letter he signed.

Is Ms. Sterk even aware of the geographic disparities issue, which is why most of the plans that charge “absolutely nothing” in premiums are only offered to seniors in Florida and certain other states, not in Minnesota. My own Medicare Advantage plan costs about $200 per month and those “low co-pays and a cap on out-of-pocket expenses” cost me an additional $2,000 for prescription drugs last year.

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