Plymouth Police

The Plymouth Fire Department received 39 calls for service for May 23 to 29. The calls included five fire, 11 EMS/rescue calls, three hazardous condition calls, five service calls, six good intent calls and nine false alarm calls.

Included in the Plymouth Police May 23 to 29 reports were these incidents:

May 23 - A propane tank valued at $40 was reported stolen on the 6100 block of Ithaca Lane.

- Person returned to property where he had previously been trespassed from and was arrested for the violation on the 9900 block of Shelard Parkway.

May 24 - Officer conducted a traffic stop on 42nd Avenue and Dunkirk Lane and located a hypodermic syringe in the vehicle. The driver fled on foot and the passenger was cited for possession of hypodermic syringe. Formal complaint charges pending.

- Checks reported stolen from outgoing mail, altered and cashed on the 12600 block of 50th Avenue North.

May 26 - Two juvenile males were cited for damaging a street lamp on the 5100 block of Jewel Lane.

May 28 - The theft of prescription medication reported on the 2200 block of Kilmer Lane. There was no sign of forced entry.

- Trailer containing work equipment reported as stolen from a parking lot on the 2700 block of Annapolis Lane North.

- Theft of a lawn mower and wheelbarrow from a yard reported on the 2700 block of Hemlock Lane.

- Theft of a box of checks were stolen from a mailbox reported on the 1100 block of County Road 101.

- Theft of $60 from a locker reported on the 3600 block of Plymouth Boulevard.

May 29 - A juvenile female was arrested for assault on the 10600 block of 36th Avenue North.

- Damage to a school bus reported on the 4900 block of Peony Lane.

- Theft of an electronic deadbolt from a house under construction reported on the 18900 block of 42nd Avenue.

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