To the Editor:

The recent decision by President Donald Trump to cut funding for Planned Parenthood from Title X is an atrocity. Cutting funding from Planned Parenthood is specifically an attack on low-income America. Because of the affordability of Planned Parenthood, it is able provides safe health care to millions, who now because of the funding cuts could very well lose. This includes procedures that range from, not only abortion, but to cancer screening and other life saving much-needed procedures.

This is why I am beyond grateful to have a representative I know will fight against this attack on low-income women of America. U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips is the representative for Congressional District Three where there are two Title X funded Planned Parenthood clinics. Phillips has made it clear that “Hardened ideological politics have no place in an exam room.” We need to keep electing politicians that will support human rights, not selfish ideologies, so we can stop this attack on Planned Parenthood and prevent future attacks.

Madeline Pukite


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