Minnetonka Mills


This is the former mill in 1893 at Minnetonka Mills, once located near Minnetonka Boulevard and Plymouth Road. The land was allowed to be settled with the signing of the treaty of Traverse de Sioux in 1851. Minnetonka Mills was the first settlement west of Minneapolis in Hennepin County. A 12-foot dam was built across Minnehaha Creek and the original lumber mill was constructed. Trees were cut down along the creek and along the shores of Lake Minnetonka and floated down the creek to the lumber mill. Later, a furniture factory was also working with the mill. It was the largest business in Hennepin County. This mill burned down in 1868. In 1869, a new owner built another mill on the site; this time, a grist mill (pictured), for milling grains. The mill changed hands several times, but ultimately ceased production of any type and was torn down in 1900. The office building currently sits next to the Burwell House.

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