On the sidewalks of Hopkins, residents Michele and Brandon Morris have been rocking the chalk as they create colorful characters and inspiring words meant to bring joy to those passing by.

“It brings us a lot of joy to see people so excited,” said Michele Morris, who, along with her husband, began creating sidewalk art in the midst of the global pandemic.

“It gets people outside and it gets us outside,” she said.

For the past few months, the couple has been drawing cartoon characters and other artwork along the sidewalk near their home on 12th Avenue South and First Street South as a way to spread joy.

This particular area also gets a lot of foot traffic by families as it is on the way to Central Park, Michele noted.

Some of the cartoon characters they create include those from Charlie Brown. Dr. Seuss and Disney.

“They’ve really taken a liking to Sponge Bob Square Pants,” she said.

Michele said they saw others doing the sidewalk chalk art and decided to try it. Realizing just how much fun they were having, Brandon decided to buy chalk in bulk.

“It’s been really great. It brings us a lot of joy to see people excited about it,” she said.

The couple will also pass out chalk to children as a way for them to have their own fun and share their creativity.

In addition to sidewalks, the couple paints rocks and places them around parks inviting those who find them to post on their Instagram @chalk_rockin_art.

“We’ve even handed some out to children walking by with parents,” she said.

They also try and announce when they plan to go out in their Instagram story “so people can watch and enjoy the positive vibes,” she said.

To help ensure their hard work isn’t immediately washed away by rain, the couple tries to plan out their projects for when there are three to five days of sunshine. They will also use hairspray to help the chalk adhere to the sidewalk.

The couple has also received a “very generous donation” by someone in support of their project to keep it going for the neighborhood to enjoy all summer long.

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