To the Editor:

The coronavirus pandemic finds everyone to be making huge sacrifices. Many seniors will have to sacrifice their own graduation. I have recently seen a petition to allow for graduation to still happen at Hopkins High school. Having graduated from Hopkins High, I would have thought people to be smarter in this time of need.

For me and many others I know, graduation itself is, yes, a big moment in our lives, but it is one because we are moving forward and going out and into the world. Graduation is supposed to be a celebration of how much you have learned and gone through within your many years of schooling. The fact that some want to host a giant group event where everyone is sweaty and stuck together makes it seem as if they do not understand why we graduate.

As a Hopkins graduate, I can say that our community is one that should be educated on the coronavirus and those at risk. If we allow for graduation to happen, we are letting down the community of people who have supported our education and educational experiences throughout our lives.

Allowing for an event such as graduation is forfeiting the efforts of social distancing that so many in the community are working hard to continue. I cannot sit idly by while seeing petitions like this. We have an obligations to our community to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Personally, I barely remember my actual graduation but rather the party afterwards. I mean how many of you honestly remember your graduation as something irreplaceable in your life. The principle of graduation itself, the ideals in moving forward into the world as a well-rounded and educated individual, is what is important, not the physical graduation itself. So as a community, I hope we can all come together and continue to work together to prevent the spread of this deadly virus rather than protests and petitions for superfluous public gatherings.

Gabriel Kemper


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