Residents of the Waters of Excelsior

Residents of the Waters of Excelsior spoke about their booth and the upcoming Apple Day celebration on Saturday, Sept. 21. They will answer questions posed by anyone attending Apple Day. Pictured, from left, are Carol Watkins, Bob Harris, Phyllis Harris, Rhoda Brooks, Martie McGlasson, Ross McGlasson and Jim Scheible.

A Splash of Waters Wisdom is made up of a group of Waters of Excelsior residents and will offer a fun way to connect with others at Excelsior’s Apple Day. People who have questions can ask their neighbors from the senior living facility at the booth.

“We’ve been looking for ways to have fun and to show the community we intend to have fun. To stay young, this is a way we can do it,” said Ross McGlasson, a Waters resident.

Some of the residents have lived in Excelsior for a long time and enjoyed Apple Day for many years. To be a part of Excelsior and Apple Day is special to them.

“We want to keep people coming here that appreciate it and join in the excitement,” said resident Bob Harris. “That’s why we are going to have a booth over at the Apple Day.”

“Apples have always indicated fall to me, but when somebody said, ‘we are going to have an Apple Day’, I thought this is wonderful, it’s fall, it’s autumn,” said resident Carol Watkins.

To the residents, The Waters was more than just a place to live. It is a vibrant community of individuals.

“We are here because we love being in a home where we can share each other’s lives and we can support each other,” Rhoda Brooks said. “I just had hip surgery and when I came back yesterday I had a wonderful welcome. It feels like a real community.”

Members of the group said they aren’t sure what questions to expect on Apple Day.

“I hope that they’ll have some funny questions,” Martie McGlasson said. “This is supposed to be funny, it’s not serious we are not giving life-threatening advice or anything like that. We don’t know what is going to be coming at us, but we’re ready.”

A question was proposed during the interview on what advice they’d have for individuals just starting in their career after having recently graduated from college.

“Keep an open mind,” Watkins said. “You may not end up where you thought you wanted to go and opportunities may open up that you are not expecting, but don’t just shut down because it is not where you want to go, just be open.”

“Love the people you’re talking to, don’t be critical,” Harris said. “Ignore if they are less than lovable, love them anyway.”

The group of residents hopes to continue to have the booth in the coming celebrations of Apple Day.

“We’ve been open to guests, they’ve had an open house here at the Waters,” McGlasson said. “I hope we can continue this booth on into the future, so it keeps us young.”

The booth is number 23 and will be located on the outside of a group of booths located about halfway down Water Street on the west side. Apple Day is on Saturday, Sept. 21. The booths open at 9 a.m.

For a full list of activities and participants, visit For more information on the Waters of Excelsior, visit or call 952-999-3242.

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