The Tonka Bay City Council voted June 25 to unanimously approve the council’s consent agenda, including the general concept plan and height variances for the Tonka Redevelopment Project, 5609 Manitou Rd.

The plan was discussed and approved at the June 11 meeting and resolutions were drafted for approval at the June 25 meeting. With this step, the applicant will now be responsible to submit a general plan of development application.

“The developer has not indicated when they plan to submit the general plan of development application,” city administrator John Tingley said in an email to the Sun Sailor. “Once the application is submitted, staff will review the application and schedule future public hearings for the general plan of development to be discussed.”

The project plan includes 86 units and is composed of two residential buildings and a clubhouse. The building closest to the shopping center is 32.5 feet to the roofline. The building to the north will be four stories and 43 feet to the roofline. The clubhouse will be 4,000 square feet. Underground parking will be located beneath the buildings and courtyards.

Doran Companies is the applicant for this project and, as long as the process continues to move along, expects to begin construction in spring 2020 with the project to be completed in mid-2021. Demolition and site work would start prior to the construction.

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