Brothers Lukas, left, and Matthias Murdych play their instruments June 12 at the Excelsior Farmers Market to raise money for cancer research.

Minnetonka School District students and brothers, Lukas and Matthias Murdych, are using their musical talents to raise money for charities. They recently played at the Excelsior Farmers Market with 100 percent of the proceeds going to cancer research.

Lukas, 12, will be in seventh grade at Minnetonka Middle School East this fall, and his brother, Matthias, 9, will be in fifth grade at Scenic Heights Elementary. The brothers both live in Minnetonka with their parents, Kim and Tomas Murdych. 

Kim Murdych said she’s been supporting her children as they do charity work for a variety of organizations including the American Red Cross, Feed My Starving Children and the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

“I feel really happy that we’re trying to help people and it feels good to give back,” Lukas said.

Both parents got involved in community service work after coming to the United States. Kim came from Vietnam from a refugee camp 32 years ago and Tomas from the Czech Republic 22 years ago.

“We believe that if you take from the community you should give back,” she said. “I’m trying to teach my kids to give back to the community through community work. I always say if my kids aren’t moral human beings I failed as a parent and I strongly believe in that.”

Murdych is a nurse at the University of Minnesota Medical Center and her husband is a doctor of internal medicine for Allina Health.

Every week, Lukas said that him and his brother donate 25 percent of any money they earn to charity from various paid-jobs or chores they do or monetary gifts they receive during holidays or birthdays. One-hundred percent of all proceeds they make during their musical performances go to charity of their choosing.

The brothers have also had participated regular public performances at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids and the farmers market, where they ask for donations. They’re often joined by a number of their cousins.

“It’s good to give back because it makes them happy and it makes you a good person,” Matthias said. “I like helping people a lot and want to help people who are going through a hard time.”

The Murdych brothers will continue to play at the farmers market from 2-6 p.m. Tuesdays throughout the summer on Water Street. They’re currently looking for other venues where they can perform at to raise money for charity. 

Lukas said, “We just want to keep doing everything we can to help people.”

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