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Eden Prairie Police Department Chief Matt Sackett. A former lieutenant, Sackett was named chief following the retirement of former Chief Greg Weber.

The former lieutenant was promoted following the retirement of Chief Greg Weber

Lt. Matt Sackett was officially promoted as the new Eden Prairie chief of police last week following the retirement of former Chief Greg Weber.

Taking over as Eden Prairie’s eighth police chief, Sackett has had a long career in law enforcement.

He began his career in 1997 as an officer with the Hopkins Police Department. He was hired in Eden Prairie in 2002. There, he has worked as a patrol sergeant, investigations sergeant, support sergeant and field training sergeant.

After being promoted to lieutenant in 2017, Sackett has served as support division lieutenant, patrol division lieutenant and SWAT team commander.

He earned a Bachelor Degree in sociology/criminology from the University of Minnesota and has a Master’s Degree in public safety administration from St. Mary’s University.

In written responses to questions from the Sun Sailor, Sackett described his initial goals as the department’s chief: “The police department is fortunate to have great support from our community and elected officials. An initial goal is to continue to strengthen those relationships, and listen to the needs of the community,” he wrote.

Specifying goals for the next five years, he stated that “recruiting and retaining the talent we need to best serve our community” is his focus. “We will also need to make sure we adapt to any police reform legislative or procedural changes that may come about. This will ensure our officers are trained to effectively handle the calls for service they encounter, and to continue providing that high level of service.”

In describing the biggest immediate challenges within the department, he wrote: “In today’s environment, our biggest challenge is recruiting. There is an increasing amount of expectations on police officers. We want to make sure we find the right people to serve the citizens of Eden Prairie to the standards of service beyond expectation that we adhere to. The support from our community, elected officials and city management make Eden Prairie a very attractive workplace, and we need to play to that strength when recruiting officers.”

Because community policing has become an important aspect for all area departments, Sackett described some initiatives he would like to support: “Due to the past year of pandemic restrictions, we had a tough time participating in our traditional community events. Our first order of business will be to get back to having those events and looking for ways to grow them based on the needs and desires of the community.”

The new chief said public engagement presents a learning opportunity: “I look forward to having the opportunity to listen and learn from our community about how we can best serve all residents and guests of Eden Prairie.”

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