To the Editor:

Constitution Day is a federal holiday that celebrates American citizenship on Sept. 17, the anniversary of our signing the U.S. Constitution in 1787. The U.S. Constitution is what we use to protect ourselves and our institutions. We have had to amend the Constitution 17 times and it is time to amend the U.S. Constitution again.

When our Constitution was ratified, it outlined inalienable rights to be granted to every American. The First Amendment protects the right of Americans to express themselves, and to be heard and to hear others in an exchange of ideas. Unlimited spending of money to influence elections by artificial entities – be they corporate, union, social welfare groups or billionaire’s superPACs – to drown out American voices in the discussions of serious issues facing our nation is the very opposite of, and in fact a violation of, an individual’s right to speak.

In 1776 our country fought a war against tyranny and non-representation. We won that war, but in 2020 we need to recognize that the struggle and citizen activism which have accompanied movements focused on democratic reforms are ongoing and critically important. One organization spearheading this movement is American Promise (americanpromise.net).

A constitutional amendment will make our union more perfect. This will allow Congress and the states to, once again, regulate campaign contributions and expenditures so all citizens can be heard.

We can and must take seriously the need to act. Read the U.S. Constitution and know that you have power. It is your civic duty to not only vote, but to help make sure the democratic process of our republic is strong. Contact your Congressional representative and tell them that limiting money in political campaigns is an important issue for you.

Let us work to amend the Constitution once more – this time to eliminate the scourge of big money from our elections, thereby strengthening not only your voice, but also our nation’s democracy.

Mark Voorhees

Eden Prairie

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