police lights

Included in the Eden Prairie Police Sept. 18 to 25 reports were these incidents:

Sept. 18 - Threat on City West Parkway

- Theft on Flying Cloud Drive; 70th Street; Rainbow Drive; Valley Road

Sept. 19 - Theft at the intersection of Prairie Center Drive and Plaza; Marshall Road; Glen Lane

- Tampering with a vehicle on Steward Drive

- Harassing communication on Tristram Way

- Damage to property on Promontory Drive; Eden Prairie Road

Sept. 20 - Tampering with a vehicle on Park View Lane; Staring Lake Parkway

- Vehicle theft on Lorena Lane

- Theft on Singletree lane; Woodhill Trail; Flying Cloud Drive; Prairie Center; 74th Street

Sept. 21 - Harassing communication on Michele Lane; Promontory Drive

- Drugs on Chestnut Drive

- Theft on Lee Drive

- Malicious mischief on Crabapple Lane

Sept. 22 - Tampering with a vehicle on Center Way; Washington Avenue

- Damage to property on Portal Drive

- Theft on Chestnut Drive; Singletree Lane; St. Johns Drive; Pioneer Trail; Flying Cloud Drive

Sept. 23 - Theft on Hennepin Town Road; Den Road; Flying Cloud Drive; Singletree Lane

Sept. 24 - Drugs on Shady Oak Road

- Theft on Valley View Road

- Vehicle theft on City West Parkway

- Stalking on Cascade Drive

Sept. 25 - Tampering with a vehicle on Flying Cloud Drive; Honeysuckle Lane; Prairie Center Drive

- Theft on Prairie Center Drive

- Drugs on South Shore Lane

- Harassing communication on Taffy Way

- Assault at the intersection of Anderson Lakes Parkway and Staring Lake

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