EP snow truck

No parking on city streets until noon, Wednesday, Oct. 21

With a snow accumulation of more than 2 inches, the city of Eden Prairie has declared a snow event effective Oct. 20-21.

  • Snow accumulation has already reached two inches; therefore, a snow emergency is in effect.
  • Effective immediately, do not park on city streets until noon Oct. 21.
  • Crews will work to maintain safe and passable roadways and perform a full curb-to-curb cleanup beginning at 3 a.m.

Important reminders:

  • Place trash containers behind the curb line, not in the street.
  • Remove basketball hoops and any other objects from the street.
  • Help by shoveling around fire hydrants and mailboxes, and clearing nearby sidewalks.
  • It is illegal to place snow from your property onto the public roadway.

For more information, visit trimurl.co/N6lqa8

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