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Please RENEW print subscription for FREE

Please RENEW print subscription for FREE

Important announcement for our Excelsior, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Plymouth, Wayzata, St.Louis Park and Hopkins Sun Sailor readers.

It's time to renew your FREE subscription to the Excelsior, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka Sun Sailor, Plymouth-Wayzata Sun Sailor and the St. Louis Park-Hopkins Sun Sailor so you can ensure continued delivery of the paper in the mail every week! If you don't renew, the paper cannot be delivered.

You must renew now! New subscribers also welcome.

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When most people think of healthy aging, they picture smiling seniors speed-walking in their neighborhoods or dutifully keeping up with their regular doctors’ appointments. Physical activity and medical monitoring certainly are important components of senior health, but in order to be truly …

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After doctors have told someone they don’t have very long to live, it might be nice to put a warm, fluffy therapy bunny on their lap. At the n…

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